Exercise Stability Ball – 55 65 75cm…

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wifeandmama I'm 34 weeks pregnant and just ordered this ball. While I do plan on using it for working-out that post baby weight, I have to say, this is one of my best pregnancy investments to date! I find it much more comfortable for sitting, whether it's talking to my husband or sewing on my sewing machine desk. It's just gentler on my pelvic region and back right now, plus I feel it helps me sit in a position that gets baby engaged the way he needs to be for birth! For me, this is both a pregnancy and birth ball as well as a post-partum workout ball.

I'm tall, but this size fits me perfectly. And the price is amazing for the quality that it is! I find it very sturdy material and I have no fear of it "popping" on me--even with a 3 year old around.

The only drawback was the pump-up time. It took some effort on my husband's and my part to hand pump it up to full size, with the included hand pump. However, once it was done, it was done, so no huge deal. Better than having to take it to a gas station or buying the pump ourselves.

This is a great investment in my opinion.

wifeandmama Although the main purpose of this ball is for exercise, I got it for the last stage of pregnancy. I find that sitting on it is easier on my back than a chair, not to mention, it helps baby move down and engage, given how I sit on it. It is a ball I will be using during labor, for sure. The rocking motion is soothing and relaxing.

Of course, I'll use it for the post-partum workout as well. . . and am thrilled with it's design and durability for that as well. I have a 3 year old in the house and yet, this ball is sturdy enough I have no fear of it "popping" or even getting a tear in it. It's very strong material.

It came with a hand pump and although it did take some TIME-effort on my husband's and my part to pump it up, I was grateful the price included the pump. It saved us a a trip to the gas station with a special valve in hand to blow it up.

The quality of product for the price is excellent and I highly recommend this particular product!

EK Huge and apparently sturdy ball. Good price for product.

Todd Huge and apparently sturdy ball. Good price for product.


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Exercise Stability Ball – 55 65 75cm…

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