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Navy runner I use the JumpSoles with the "Mario brothers" leaps and bounds, jumping off of benches/bleachers and squats. So far, I have noticed strengthening of the quads and calf muscles. Training twice a week with the jump soles has already noticed an improvement in my running- ran a mile around the track in just over three minutes!! My overgoal is to be able to run the Navy PRT 1.5 mile in under 10 minutes and slam dunk a basketball.

tblazer I use these for training for basketball as well as soccer. They've significantly increased the height of my "jump"in basketball and have strengthened my calves and ankles. Hopefully, that will help prevent injuries during the soccer season.

Bear23CK They work but it does take some time, I guarantee it will increase your vertical 5-10 inches and have you dunking too

basically just awesome They work but it does take some time, I guarantee it will increase your vertical 5-10 inches and have you dunking too

jump1966 If you cannot afford a full shoe like the Katapult training shoe then I am still not sold that the jumpsoles is a good product. I have friends that have purchased the jumpsoles and their kids have either gotten hurt because of the straps coming undone or just did not find the prodyct up to the standards of a full shoe like the Katapult shoe.I purchased two pairs of Katapult training shoes for my son and daughter. After we received them I was very impressed. I was a strength shoe user years ago and the strength shoe design and training program have not changed a bit. This new Katapult training shoe is super lightweight and comes with a 52 week training program not a 9-12 week program. The Katapult comes with a GREAT DVD training video and workout card and as a bonus they give you a stretch strap for pre and post stretching. Hands done this is the best product on the market when compared to the strength shie and jumpsoles.Figure the jumpsoles are [$] and the Katapult is [$]. The extra $40 is so well worth it. Now I am not sure if this site sells the Katapult but google it. Awesome product. It has my 15 yr old daughter talking...I am impressed.

Driveshaft Very good product, works so well, and really increases your vertical in a short time span. Recommend it to everyone!

dseemi this product is a definite must have, i remember the first time i dunked in a game and i came down and my legs were shaking from all of the adrenaline.Unforgettable

jump1966 definitely not worth the money. Spend an extra 40 and get the Katapult training shoes.

Sean Store sent the wrong size and then I had to ship it back and exchange. It cost me more money. boo

dont feel comfortable saying they sucked


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Jumpsoles Jump & Speed Training Syste…

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