rob leroy i don't know how it would work for light balls, but the lowest weight i use on it is 18# and this causes the entire rebounder to shift across the floor. will not work right against a wall, so that is no solution. what i do is use it outside in the grass and it works wonderfully. because its summer. winter looks like i wont get use out of it unless i find a way to secure it to the ground. the tray for holding medicine balls is a worthless feature, it rattles the entre time you use the rebounder. if you know what this equiptment is for, this was a reasonable price for it and worth the investment. if you're not sure about it, do not get it, you won't be able to utilize it as much as you should.


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Aeromat Medicine Ball / Physical Therapy Ball Rebounder, 28" rebound area (Black) – BALLS NOT…

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